Garage doors/sectional doors

Are you looking for an automatically operated garage door that not only combines appearance and design, but also harmonises functionality and convenience?

You can put together our door systems individually according to your wishes. You choose between different colours, surface structures, various accessories and create your unique door.

The special feature of your new sectional door is the automatic integrated ventilation function! When the door is closed, the top section of the sectional door is partially opened and your garage is ventilated and remains mould-free. This special ventilation is already included in the "Comfort" and "Premium". Garage door | Outstanding garage doors from the expert


Side sectional doors

The side sectional door is one of the somewhat different garage doors.

The horizontal running direction that opens to the side offers you almost unlimited possibilities, especially in situations with limited space. In addition, our side sectional door has an already integrated "wicket door", which is created by opening to the side. The many surfaces, colours and structures offer you the possibility to individually design your side sectional door according to your own ideas.


Garage doors flush with the façade/flush with the surface

Technology and perfect design combined in one door !

Flush-mounted and façade-flush doors offer architects and builders an unimaginable freedom of design. With such unique doors, it is up to you to design something perfect! The flush doors also have a ventilation function and house a lightweight aluminium frame construction and can also be individually planked/equipped. The customised planking can unite your door with the facade. Flush doors Switzerland.

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